The acting program for the BFA Candidate at the Music Theater is dedicated to a versatile, diverse world approach using display opportunities and extensive studio training, which is dedicated to educating our primary equipment.

There are elements of actor’s process, such as with any artist who are very mysterious and personal for any one method. As we all know, there are some things that can not be taught! Therefore, our training is centered on the areas of the actor’s process which can be learned and expanded about using different approaches. We have dedicated a world-class faculty to the holistic approach to actor training: mind, body, breath and imagination.

Kalpana is the foundation of any acting technique and is the basis of the actor’s ability to live up to the truth in the performance. Keeping this in mind, we start with work in imagination and impulse. You are given a place for your perspective and you are given a place to find your voice not only in the school but in the world.

Our goal is not to “break you and then make you back up”. In Penn State, the first day is about building on trends that you found in the first place. Then, by step-by-step and year after year, we present you with the techniques designed to reach your full potential as an actor.

Playing here is part of both education and performance.

Education: You are the first and foremost student. You will be advised by experts in their respective areas and will learn a wide range of techniques and procedures. Your coursework will include voice / speech, studio alone and seniorwork, acting in Shakespeare and TV / movie. We also have frequent guest artists on campus.

Exhibit: You will be given many opportunities to perform in a variety of mediums, including alone, ready, new work, contemporary and classic world drama, Shakespeare, film and new media.